Bigfoot Video: Sighting In American Fork Canyon Had Man ‘Absolutely Terrified’ Of Sasquatch

A new Bigfoot video released by the Paranormal Review is interesting because it provides a full breakdown of the Bigfoot sighting. Unfortunately, the Sasquatch sighting was apparently so absolutely terrifying that the camera man up and ran before things could get really interesting.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Bigfoot is now big on Wall Street since a new IPO is seeking funding for the Bigfoot search. One of the latest Bigfoot videos purports to show off Sasquatch stalking bison in the Yellowstone National Park.

Over on YouTube, the camera man provides a good description of what was occurring during the Bigfoot video.

“I was up American Fork Canyon near Tibble Creek Reservoir. I thought I saw something a few minutes before when I was a little further away. It kinda scared me but I figured it was probably just a moose, elk, or maybe a bear. The area is pretty forested and I wasn’t quite sure where the animal was. I only saw it for a second before it disappeared behind some trees. I had to walk through some snow and trees to get to where I start the recording.”

Since the camera is so shaky, the Bigfoot video has been “enhanced” in order for audiences to see the shape of the moving creature. While it might have been a really good Bigfoot sighting, the man holding the camera could not contain his fear.

“I saw movement in the trees and that’s when I move the camera to capture whatever it was. I was scared already but when it stepped into the clearing outside of the trees I was absolutely terrified. I only saw it for a second before I ran. The video captured more than I can remember. I only remember it being the most massive animal I have seen and I can’t think about it without shaking. I don’t want to say that it is for sure a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but I don’t know what else it could be. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking etc, and I have never seen a Bigfoot or even believed that they could be possible.”

You can also view the full breakdown of the Bigfoot video here. While quite a bit longer, it may be better since the Paranormal Review freezes the action at the appropriate moments so you can you can get a better look at Sasquatch.

What do you think about the Bigfoot sighting video?