50 Cent Tries To Make A ‘Love Connection’ With Taraji P. Henson During “Empire” Diss

Rapper 50 Cent has recently spoken out against Fox’s new hit show Empire, saying that it is very similar to Glee but with a hip-hop sound. The show Empire first aired on Fox in December and has since shown impressive ratings. Apparently ratings don’t impress 50 Cent, as he has made several statements against the show.

“I feel like the story line is moving extremely fast. My character didn’t show up till episode four in “Power” because I was in jail for a long period of time.Taraji came home on the first episode after 17 years…what happened to the rest of the story?”

50 Cent’s show Power airs on Starz network and has not seen the amount of success as Empire. Though 50 Cent is unhappy with the pace of the storyline in Empire, he admitted that he is happy about its success because many of his friends are involved in the show.

“I think it’s good, and I’m happy the show’s successful at the present moment, because I got a lot of friends working on that project. Timbaland is the music director of the show. Terrence Howard was in my first film with me, co-starred in ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin.’ Taraji actually read for ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin.'”

After the show first began, Taraji P. Henson responded to 50 Cent’s comments in the media about Empire.

Continuing his dissing of the show to MTV, 50 Cent goes on to say that Empire copied his show Power, a show that he produced.

“And so, I met her during that time period where we were doing the casting. And then she kind of got mad at me for what I was saying. But they did copy the art. They put ‘power’ in the middle of the tagline with ‘Empire – ‘Music, Money, Power.’ … I just joked about it.”

Despite his dislike for the show and its Glee-like characteristics, 50 Cent expressed that he had feelings much better than dislike for Taraji P. Henson. During a recent interview, 50 Cent says that he would like to date Taraji.

“Taraji, you fine motherf—er, I’m happy to date you one day. How you know this ain’t the love connection we been waiting for girl? You know I say things I don’t mean.”

So far, Taraji has not responded to 50 cent’s advances. Taraji may be continuing to ‘pay attention to $’s” and not 50 Cent.

Photo via [Braflic]