WWE News: Another Reason For Brock Lesnar’s ‘WWE Raw’ Walkout Revealed?

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Aside from WrestleMania 31, Brock Lesnar is the hot topic in the WWE Universe. After his walkout on WWE Monday Night Raw, the internet has done a full-scale investigation as to why Lesnar left Raw in Nashville, Tennessee. There are swirling rumors that will continue to be heard, until he shows up again in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 9. Until then, the WWE Universe will continue to wonder if Lesnar plans to stay in WWE and extend his contract.

In an earlier report on the Inquisitr, WWE feels the issues will be resolved in time for WrestleMania 31. Not only that, but WWE is confident that Lesnar will stay with the company past WrestleMania. That is absolutely possible, but also up in the air at the moment.

There are new developments as to why Lesnar walked out of WWE Monday Night Raw. According to Daily Wrestling News, merchandise might be another issue Lesnar was frustrated about on Monday.

“It’s said that Lesnar isn’t happy with how he’s been merchandised in WWE. While he has a massive downside guarantee, he’s not making what he thought he was on merchandise when he re-signed with the company a few years ago.

“Officials reportedly recently gave the green light for new Lesnar t-shirt designs but they were canceled. It’s hard to tell what that means because merchandise for Lesnar is a different situation as he earns a higher royalty rate than most of the talents on the roster so WWE actually makes more on non-Lesnar merchandise.”

Like the report mentioned, Lesnar is in a very rare situation with WWE. He’s the only one allowed to have sponsors on his gear. That makes the merchandise part of Lesnar’s contract very intricate. His exact details will never be announced, but they are different from any other WWE superstar, that’s a guarantee.

With all of the information that came out in the last week, one question still remains in every WWE fan’s mind: will Brock Lesnar extend his contract and return after WrestleMania 31? Nobody knows that but Lesnar himself. Unfortunately, the WWE fans might not find out until somewhere down the road when Lesnar returns with Paul Heyman for another storyline.

The other way they will find out is through the UFC. Dana White recently addressed the rumors of a Brock Lesnar return to the UFC and is confident that Lesnar will call him when his WWE contract is up. White is a very intelligent man with no regrets in his words. If he thinks Lesnar will call when his deal is up, if his deal ends in April, then Lesnar will do just that.

WWE is in a precarious position right now. If they start to push Lesnar after WrestleMania, then Lesnar will certainly re-sign. Brock Lesnar is a businessman. He has no problem putting young guys over, like Roman Reigns. If the contract comes down to money and merchandise, then a long sit-down negotiation will have to take place. One thing is for sure, Lesnar is money and the UFC and WWE know that. He’s too valuable to lose.

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