Asus Rumored To Be Working On Kinect Ready Laptops

Mike Stenger

Asus, maker of computer hardware, laptops, and even PC's, is rumored to be working on Kinect ready laptops. Microsoft announced Kinect for Windows a while back which brings some cool motion controlled technology to computers and laptops.

The Kinect is quite a sensation and has even broken sales records which put it in the Guinness World Records under fastest selling consumer device. The company managed to sell 10 Million units in just the first 3 months of its launch.

The Daily, a news source that is available exclusively on the iPad, said that they spotted two prototypes from Asus which appear to be netbooks that are running Windows 8 and include Kinect sensors on the top of the screen where you would normally see a webcam. On the bottom of the screen, there are LEDs.

Nowadays, most laptops have a built-in webcam. It's something that has pretty much become standard. Also, a lot of desktop computers have a webcam so the integration is there, but the big question that we have yet to see, is will people actually use motion controls? With that said, PCWorld explains why the technology in a laptop:

"In any case, why put Kinect in a laptop? The technology works best when you're standing back a dozen feet from the sensor, and even then it's hit and miss -- a low-res camera that only tracks your movements semi-accurately (if at all, when moving quickly). Park that in a laptop screen and . . . what, you're going to control movies? Play games? Manipulate 3D objects Minority Report-style? Because sitting a few feet from a laptop, as all laptop users do, isn't close enough to do any of those things far more competently with a mouse or trackpad and keyboard?"