New Feud Between Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth: Public Appearances, Plans For A Home Birth

It’s fair to say that rumors have flown fairly consistently that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton don’t seem to see eye to eye, and that’s been the case since early in the marriage between Kate and William. While it’s not uncommon for two women in a family to frequently disagree, the newest rumored dispute is erupting just weeks before Kate Middleton’s due date; she’s in the final stages of pregnancy with her second royal child.

One of the contentious debates between the two women seem to be Kate’s royal duties — or lack thereof. Elizabeth seems to feel she should do more; Kate has been pregnant, a new mother, or both, since very early in her marriage, and she suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, which means she has debilitating, potentially very serious nausea and vomiting while pregnant. Kate and William also chose to parent their newborn themselves in the neonatal period, not hiring a nanny for Prince George until he was three-months-old, and are rumored to wish to do the same with the new baby that’s coming. Compounding this dispute is the rumored wish of Kate to have the baby in a palace birthing suite, while Elizabeth demands the baby will be born in a hospital. Suffice it to say that Kate feels her mothering duties come first, though she is frequently seen making public appearances in all stages of her pregnancies.

The current dispute revolves around the issue that Kate is to attend a public event next month that’s expected to be one of her last before she gives birth to her second child with Prince William. Although she is said to be frequently warring with her royal grandmother-in-law, Kate, 33, is set to make the appearance with Elizabeth, 88.

The two are said to be scheduled to attend the queen’s Commonwealth Day. The message will be “A Young Commonwealth,” in which Kate will concentrate on the young people that are her passion. Kate’s presentation will be followed by a lengthy service, which will include the singing of hymns and a reading of testimonies. After the ceremony, the royal family will be presented with flowers from children attending the event and will walk to the Commonwealth Flags as a symbolic gesture or unity and hope.

This may prove difficult as the main source of contention between Kate and Elizabeth is how young people should be raised. According to Life and Style Magazine, Kate “walked out” on the queen during a recent visit to her Sandringham estate after they disagreed over how she should raise her new baby. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly wants to move in with her mother, Carole Middleton, following her second baby’s arrival, and the queen is reported to be adamant that Kate will hire a baby nurse, said an insider. Reportedly, Kate’s “commoner” parents have not been welcomed into the Queen’s domain.

“The queen raised her voice as she clashed with Kate and Prince William about how they raised their child. Kate couldn’t bear it any longer and walked out. Kate wants to do things her own way and wants the queen to stay out of her baby’s life, and the queen is furious. She’s sticking to her guns about the new baby. She knows just how she wants to raise the child and won’t let anyone interfere, especially not the queen.”

It will be interesting to see how the two women interact just days before Kate is due to have her second child at an event that will be scrutinized by the world.