Lower Back Pain? Carrying Extra Weight Could Be Damaging Your Spine

New research suggests that being overweight increases a persons chances of damaging the lower (lumbar) spine, causing back pain and other issues.

According to the new study disc damage is most often seen in people with a higher body mass index (BMI) compared to people with a normal BMI. The study also found that overweight people were at the highest risk for lumbar damage.

Regardless of BMI however the study found that 73 out of 100 people suffered from some sort of damage.

Most interestingly the study found that when examining increases in BMI it was determined that the more BMI someone has the higher the extent of the damage. For example study participants who were classified as obese had a 70 percent increasing in their chances of developing severe disc damage compared to participants with an average BMI.

Discomfort is felt in those patients when the discs that cushion the spine because worn out, causing the discs to squeeze nerves that from the spinal cord.

Weight isn’t the only issue that can cause damage, other issues include old age, work related wear and tear and heavy lifting can all play a part along with other strenuous activities.

The current study examined 2,600 volunteers from the ages of 21 to 63 who underwent MRI scans to examine their spine for disc damage and to determine the extent of that damage.

While disc damage can not be reserved the effects of the damage can be minimized and further damage can be slowed when overweight people simply lose some of their excess weight.

Have you had lower back pain brought on by a higher then average body mass index?