Did The White And Gold Or Blue And Black Dress Make Ebola Trend Again?

In the recent days, the photo of a dress has been trending on social media sites. Often attached to the photo was a question on what color you saw. Some people saw blue and black while others saw white and gold. There has been much talk about the true color of the dress. Recently, it was revealed that the dress is, in fact, blue and black but the camera caused it to appear white and gold. According to Wired the white balance in the photo was the culprit behind all of the confusion.

While a lot of people shared on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter, others were quite upset that a dress had become and overnight celebrity while real problems were occurring in the world. A common word in each of their disturbed posts, pins and tweets was “Ebola.”

When the Ebola virus first appeared in the news it was all the news would actually talk about. However, it seems that a mere two weeks after the initial shock that such a virus was sweeping its way across Africa and even making its way to the United States and the U.K., the news suddenly ceased. It was replaced with news of Syria, which was also short-lived. Now after two days the trends are paying a little less attention to the blue and black dress and a lot more attention to the Ebola virus which is still very much an issue.

The most recent news on the Ebola virus appeared just today in Sierra Leone, where the vice president himself, Samuel Sam-Sumana, placed himself into quarantine, according to NBC News. Earlier in the week there was a large amount of Ebola casualties in Liberia.

As social media users revealed their disgust for the trending white and gold or blue and black dress photo, they hashtagged and mentioned Ebola in their messages. The way that Ebola is fit into dress posts does make it appear as if they made “Ebola” a trending topic on purpose. Today, the story of the Sierra Leone VP is a leading topic of discussion and more and more social media users are basically boycotting the white-balance-gone-wrong blue and black dress.

Some even went as far as the say the Ebola was the reason people where seeing white and gold instead of black and blue.

Whether social media users went a little too far or not, their efforts have proven that fatal diseases are of high importance and the dress, not so much. Social media once again has made news media look like they are not doing their jobs.

Photo via [Wired]