Facebook Users Not Happy Over Timeline, New Profile Design

Facebook has been working on getting their new profile design, Timeline, rolled out to all users. The company ran into some problems after a company, Timelines.com, claimed that the social network infringed on their trademark back in September.

That lawsuit set the public launch back by several months and now, very soon, Timeline will be rolled out to all users. For those wanting to go back to the old version, well, unfortunately you can’t. One of the topics brought up is privacy as people can easily navigate through your profile and see everything you’ve ever posted.

Of course, as with anything you post, say you only shared it with friends, someone not a friend, couldn’t see it.

Via The Washington Post:

“Facebook’s new Timeline format may not be that popular with its users, according to a poll by the security firm Sophos. A nonscientific poll of more than 4,000 Facebook users found that about half of those surveyed say that they are “worried” by Facebook’s new Timeline format. More than 30 percent said that they didn’t “know why I’m still on Facebook.”

“These users say that they’re spooked by the social network’s new, mandatory format change, which displays all the information they’ve ever shared on Facebook in a scrapbook-like format.”

Privacy concerns continue to heat up with the World’s largest social network. One of the biggest mistakes they’ve made in the past and continue to do in some aspects, is don’t let people know of changes ahead of time. This time they have and have given users plenty of time to know about the new profile design, but many aren’t liking it.

Of course, you’ll always have people that don’t like change so there’s that.

Do you like the new Facebook Timeline? Should they allow users to keep the old profile design if they choose?