Judge Recommends Halle Berry’s Daughter Receive Counseling

Following an ugly divorce battle that continues to rage on L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services under the guidance of their divorce judge has recommend that Nahla, 3-year-old daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry receive counseling.

While no allegations have been received against Halle endangering her daughter the couple’s nanny said recently that Gabriel screams at Nahla regularly and even violently yanked the little girl out of the nanny’s arms and pushed the nanny while Nahla was being held after she confronted him for pulling little Nahla out of school for no reason.

The former couple were due in court on Monday where Halle is expected to ask the judge that Gabriel have no contact with Nahla until a criminal child endangerment investigation can be completed against him.

In turn Gabriel is asking that a restraining order be placed against the nanny which would lead to her firing. Gabriel claims that the nanny is working for Halle in an attempt to make up stories and hurt his custody and divorce battle.

While Gabriel Aubry has made the claim against the nanny he was also agreed to enroll in anger management classes to control his temper. It makes me wonder why he would need to enroll in a class if he truly didn’t do anything wrong and is part of some vast Halle Berry and nanny led conspiracy against him.

Do you think little children such as Nahla should receive some type of counseling during a divorce regardless of the reason for the split?