Husband Leaves 5-Star Review Of Hotel His Wife Used For Affair With Boss After His Credit Card Is Charged

Westgrove hotel review

An angry husband allegedly found out about an affair his wife had with her boss while staying at the Westgrove Hotel in Ireland. The husband claims that the room was charged to his credit card and that the hotel was thoughtful enough to provide him with copies of all bookings and invoices from the entire stay which included bar purchases and movie rentals. Therefore, the husband left a cringe-worthy 5-star review for the hotel noting it is “a very good place but cheaters should know that a record of their stay is documented in detail and archived for over a year.”

The Westgrove Hotel claims to be a luxurious four-star hotel featuring 99 bedrooms and “provides facilities to pamper the most discerning guest including an extensive leisure and Elemis Spa Haven, in addition to a large conference centre. With a choice of chic restaurants and bars.” In the revenge review, the husband points out many of the featured amenities including the double beds, bathtubs and full bar.

The scorned husband notes that his wife and her boss must have enjoyed their room because “she stayed in bed with him [the boss] until almost checkout.” He goes on to outline that the pair had sex in the bath before resuming the encounter in the “luxurious double bed.” He is practical and notes that he is “unsure about the value for money” because though it was charged to his credit card, the company reimbursed the money since the checkout invoice was in both his wife’s name and that of her boss.

The scorned husband does leave a word of warning for any of those cheaters out there who may be considering staying at the Westgrove Hotel for their next rendezvous with their lovers. He says that the hotel keeps detailed records about everyone’s stay and that they are kept on file for over a year. Therefore, if you plan to utilize Westgrove Hotel’s services for your affair, know that your bar purchases, movie rentals and all stays are kept on record.

Westgrove Hotel

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