Apple Watch To Replace Car Keys: Your Turn, Samsung

The Apple Watch won’t appear in stores until April, but it is already causing quite the buzz — good and bad. The Telegraph reports on quite an interesting feature Tim Cook says the Apple Watch could have.

“The watch is designed to be able to replace car keys and the clumsy, large fobs that are now used by many vehicles. This could be a major development and will reinforce the view that Apple is circling the automotive market.”

Tim Cook goes on to tell the Telegraph that the Apple Watch is simply more than a watch and that people will find it very useful.

“I’m now so used to getting all my notifications and all my messages,” he says. “It’s so incredible just to do this…This will be just like the iPhone: people wanted it and bought for a particular reason, perhaps for browsing, but then found out that they loved it for all sorts of other reasons.”

Not everybody is convinced that the Apple Watch will be the next big thing. CNN recently stated that Apple‘s new device is bound to fail.

“It costs $350. That’s a lot of money to fork over for a device that adds a slight bit of convenience. It doesn’t do anything more than your iPhone does — it just allows you to do some iPhone functions on your wrist…Wearable devices haven’t taken off for that reason: The functionality doesn’t justify their price.”

However, Apple has done a splendid job of taking things others have tried and turning them into iconic products. The MP3 player existed a couple of years before Apple released the iPod. However, Apple refined what the other companies had done and turned the iPod into a marketable product. The same thing goes with the tablet, which existed since 2002. Apple took all the complaints about Microsoft’s attempt to make the computer tablet relevant and churned out the successful iPad.

2015 could be another landmark year for Apple. Besides releasing the Apple Watch, the Cupertino -based company will release the iPad Pro, the iPhone 6s (and iPhone 6s Plus), an updated MacBook Air with a Retina display and an updated MacBook Pro. There are also rumors Apple will be producing a mobile virtual reality headset, like Samsung did with the Gear VR.

Apple isn’t taking as much of a risk with the Apple Watch as people think; even if it fails, Apple has plenty of other products to keep up its profile. Are you excited about the Apple Watch? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]