Jersey Shore’s “The Unit” Pleads Not Guilty To Possession Charge

Jersey Shore reality show participant John “The Unit” Manfre appeared in court on Monday over a possession charge which claimed he was arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ last year while carrying a powerful horse tranquilizer known as Ketamine on his person.

The Jersey Shore participant pled not guilty in court and after his hearing lawyer Raymond Raya revealed of the arrest:

“There were some issues regarding my client’s constitutional rights.”

His lawyer went on to add:

“We entered the not guilty plea NOT because that’s the normal thing to do … we actually entered the not guilty plea because we believe that based on those issues, John is not guilty.”

As would be expected his lawyer believes a “favorable outcome” is in the cards for his client.

Manfre was arrested at the same house that the Jersey Shore is filmed, he is a personal trainer who is best known for producing a workout DVD with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.

After his arrested The Unit had Tweeted:

‘There are bumps in every road & sometimes we hit a pothole. All we can do is put on the spare and keep it moving towards our destination!

It’s hardly an admission of guilt but he also didn’t really attempt to proclaim his innocence over the situation at that time.

The Unit’s lawyer has not yet said what type of rights were violated during his arrest at the Jersey Shore home.