Snowy Owls Migrate to United States in Search of Food [Video]

Michael Söze

Snowy owls, typically seen in Arctic regions, are traveling south to places such as Michigan, Kansas, and even Texas in greater numbers this winter, delighted birdwatchers say.

"What we're seeing now -- it's unbelievable.This is the most significant wildlife event in decades," Reuters reported Denver Holt the head of the Owl Research Institute as saying.

Although this winter's snowy owl outbreak remains largely a mystery of nature, speculation has been that the strange phenomenon is probably due to a lack of food – generally lemmings – in the birds' traditional habitat.

"There's a lot of speculation. As far as hard evidence, we really don't know," Holt said.

Whatever the cause, bird enthusiasts are overjoyed and have been traveling in record numbers to areas where the owls have been spotted just to get a rare glimpse of the beautiful visitors.

"There`s something about a snowy owl for a bird watcher. It`s kind of neat in the middle of the winter because there`s not many birds around. There`s a big, white owl sitting on a bench post out in the open, quietly gazing around. It`s always something that a birder loves to see," said Corey Ellingson with the N.D. Birding Society.

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