Boston Snowstorm: Two More Storms Could Break All Time Snow Records

Another Boston snowstorm is reportedly on its way, and while the northeast has already seen a snowy season, two new storm systems threaten to break the all-time snow record for the area.

The National Weather Service issued another winter storm watch for the city of Boston and much of the southern New England area, according to ABC News. While the Midwest is expecting snow tonight into tomorrow, reports are stating that the southern New England area should be bracing from anywhere between three to eight inches of snow between Sunday and Monday.

The Boston Globe is reporting that the first storm is expected to hit closer to Sunday afternoon and could dump another six to eight inches in Southeastern Massachusetts and areas in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

“The Boston area and most of the state could see four to six inches,” according to the report.

As if the predicted six to eight inches wasn’t enough to make the residents in the area cringe, weather reports are predicting a second snowstorm will strike the areas Tuesday evening.

As of this report, Boston has received a total of 102 inches of snow this season, thanks to the many snowstorms that have come through the area. This total is only 5.6 inches shy of the snowiest winter on record, according to the Boston Globe, which took place during the winter of 1995-1996 with a total of 107.6 inches.

If Sunday’s snowstorm does bring in the predicted six or so inches, then Boston’s snow total record could be broken, if not met, and the possibility of Tuesday’s snowstorm could add on to those totals.

While the snowstorms of winter 2014-2015 have brought nothing but grief for some, others have found ways to capitalize on it. Just take Boston resident Kylie Waring for example.

The young entrepreneur has been taking the piles of snow in his area and selling bags of it online to those who want a piece of the historic Boston snow. What are some paying for a piece of Boston’s snow? According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, a whopping $89 for six pounds!

Whether it’s wanted or not, it looks like the Boston area is going to want to hunker down and stay indoors while the next two snowstorms make their way through the area starting Sunday evening.

[Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images]