Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Add One More To Their Blended Family

Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have just shared a fun announcement via social media, letting their fans know they've just added one more member to their family. JLo and A-Rod both have two children from previous relationships, and now a new puppy has joined their crew.

Lopez posted an adorable video of the new puppy via her Instagram page on Thursday. The post showed her son Max with the energetic Goldendoodle and she asked her followers to help them choose a name.

It seemed that Max already had some name ideas, but Lopez teased that the family would reveal the big decision soon. The new puppy appeared to immediately fall in love with his new owner, and the adoration clearly went both ways.

More than 2.1 million followers liked this sweet video post in less than 18 hours. There were more than 10,000 comments posted during that time as well, and the singer's fans had plenty of praise and name suggestions alike.

Rodriguez also shared a family photo on his Instagram page that included the new puppy. He said that the family had narrowed down the naming options to just those two possibilities, and added that they had surprised Max with the puppy.

The baseball icon added hashtags noting that Lady -- the family's other dog -- now had a brother. He also teased that he's a granddad now.

The new Lopez-Rodriguez addition even has his own Instagram page already. The fluffy Goldendoodle may not have a name quite yet, but he already has quite the fanbase.

"Max looks fulfilled! His eyes!!" remarked one fan on Lopez's post.

"A boy and his dog!! Max looks so happy!!" noted another follower.

"Omg he already loves max so muchhh," someone else wrote.

"I'm melted with this video," admitted another admirer.

It appeared that followers were pretty equally divided between naming the puppy Yankee Doodle or Tyson, as JLo suggested. A few recommended the name Bronx, a nod to the entertainer's background, and a few other names popped up as well.

Lopez and Rodriguez may be facing some uncertainty when it comes to their wedding plans, but there's apparently no hesitation regarding adding a new dog to the family. The singer recently noted that their plans to tie the knot were a bit up in the air due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems the couple has been determined to go with the flow on the situation.

Will the new Lopez-Rodriguez family member be named Tyson, Yankee Doodle, or something else? It sounds as if a decision should be announced soon, and their fans cannot wait to see what Max picked.