Karma: Man Laughs At Dog Slipping On Ice, But Dog Has Last Laugh [Video]

Instant karma. A New York man saw his dog slipping on the ice. Instead, of helping his poor canine friend, he laughs. And although the dog just illustrated how slippery the ice really is, he takes his own spill.

The video from Dan Chamberlain has already received over two million hits after being uploaded earlier this month. According to the Daily Mail, he filmed his dog at McGolrick Park in Brooklyn, New York.

He tried to prepare his dog for the ice by giving the energetic pet some booties, but it wasn’t enough. The canine ends up taking a face full of snow and ice.

Instead of taking the dog’s slipping to be a sufficient warning, the man starts walking on the ice himself, only to take his own slip. No doubt slipping on the ice has become a serious problem this year considering the record-breaking winter in New England.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the East Coast has had its fair share of ice this winter, being repeatedly blasted by blizzards. The last blizzard came with predictions of historically low temperatures and near-hurricane force winds.

According to the Weather Channel, the feisty dog will be wearing those booties on the ice for some time to come. This week, the meteorologists are predicting yet another cold blast of far below zero temperatures. Records continue to be broken all throughout New England, and there’s no real sign that the cold will let up soon.

That poor dog will be slipping on the ice for awhile. Still, it’s hard to say who we need to be more concerned about, the dog or the man.

[Image Credit: YouTube]