World’s Longest Eyelashes? Ukrainian Man Claims His Are Due To Food He Eats

A 58-year-old man from Kiev in the Ukraine claims his extremely long eyelashes are all down to the special “secret” food he eats on a daily basis.

Valery Smagliy, who officially has the longest eyelashes in the world, noticed their increased length after changing his diet and strongly maintains that the key to their transformation could earn him a lot of money.

While Smagliy has kept his amazingly long lashes a secret for most of his life, he admits that he does enjoy the attention he gets from women when he goes out.

“I started eating something and noticed that my eyelashes really started growing quickly at the same time, and I’m thinking of marketing it so I’m not giving away the secret of what it is.”

For Smagliy, all the positive attention he was getting from women made his business mind kick in and he thought that he could make some money if he marketed his idea properly.

In talking about everyday life in Kiev, Smagliy said,

“Women would stop me in the street and ask me what the secret was, they can see that they are real and not fake. And whether it’s man or woman, most people don’t seem to pay much attention when I’m talking to them because they’re always looking at my eyelashes. But to be honest they are just heavy now and my eyelids are getting sore. And it’s also difficult to see properly with huge grey eyelashes in front of my eye.”

For now, the Guinness Book of Records have the world’s longest eyelashes as belonging to American Stuart Muller, whose lashes were measured at 2.75 inches long, but there is little doubt that Smagliy would smash that record with his.

As he added to reporters, “I suppose I could go for the world record, but to be honest what’s the point? I prefer to be able to see better and I plan to get them cut in a professional salon so I reckon they will still look pretty good afterwards.’