Kate Middleton Rushed To Hospital Following ‘Excruciating Abdominal Pains’

Kate Middleton was reportedly rushed to hospital in the last few days after suffering from “excruciating abdominal pains” and fearing the worst for her unborn baby. The Duchess took no risks and immediately sought medical attention.

Being that Kate still has a good two months to go till the due date of her second royal baby, the abdominal pains were extreme and certainly worried her as she was reportedly doubled over in pain.

The state of the Duchess was in fact so severe, that the royals called 911 in order to arrange for an ambulance to take her to hospital.

Some reports have suggested that the pains, which turned out not to be anything serious, may have something to do with the fact Kate Middleton has been burning the proverbial candle at both ends, with her busy royal schedule and numerous public engagements.

For now, most are assuming that the Duchess’ severe abdominal pains were a case of Braxton Hicks contractions, a well-known condition among pregnant women.

As Hollywood Life reported, “Kate was frantic. William wasn’t home, and she was seriously concerned about the pain she was in. She was doubled over in agony, and her immediate fear was for her unborn baby. So she had her aides call emergency services,” a source claimed.

The source added that after Kate was admitted to hospital, she underwent a series of tests when doctors found nothing untoward.

As the source alleged, “At first they thought she was in labor, but her contractions weren’t regular enough to warrant them preparing for birth. The contractions aren’t necessary a sign that the baby is coming early, but they can be a red flag, so her doctors have been preparing for an early arrival.”

It is hoped by the royal family and the public that this will be the last hitch in what has already been a traumatic second pregnancy for Kate Middleton.