Angry Mom Pulled Gun On Teen Who Attacked Her Daughter Over A Boyfriend


It’s one thing to be a protective parent, and then there’s being what might be considered over-protective. Then, there’s pulling a gun on your daughter’s classmate as she lays into your daughter.

A crazy sounding story, but that is exactly what happened in Pasadena, after an angry mom, 33-year-old Viridiana Alvarez, showed up at school to find her daughter being pounded by a classmate.

Ted Myers, the father of the other girl, Victoria, told reporters that he was shocked and horrified when he saw a picture of his daughter with a gun pointed at her head.

“I literally got nauseous and shaky, my stomach dropped,” Myers said.

The disturbing incident took place last week at the Pasadena High School, which the girls attend.

Victoria admitted that the fight was over a boy with whom both she and the other girl had some kind of relationship.

The last thing Victoria expected was for the girl’s mom to show up to help her daughter. When she pulled a gun on her she was even more shocked. “I saw her and heard her,” Victoria said, adding, “I didn’t know she had a gun until after I saw I picture of the fight afterward.”

For her part, the angry and defensive mom claimed that the gun wasn’t loaded and that she had only pulled it out to intimidate the girl fighting with her daughter.

Nevertheless, Alvarez faces charges of aggravated assault.

For his part, Ted Myers wasn’t sure how best to discipline his daughter for the fight, “Had I known there was going to be a fight, she wouldn’t have been there,” he said.

Both of the teens have been suspended for having the fight on the school premises. They have also been ticketed and enrolled in a five-day guidance program.