Mayra Rosales Loses 800 Pounds In Dramatic Weight-Loss Makeover

A woman infamously called the “Half Ton Killer,” who was later exonerated in a grisly death, has undergone a dramatic weight-loss makeover. Mayra Rosales shared the journey of how she miraculously lost 800 pounds of body fat. The once-obese Texas woman is unrecognizable from her former 1,000 pound frame and is now living a fairytale life, according to an ABC13 women’s health story.

Mayra’s story gained national attention in 2008 when news broke of her arrest. Rosales was charged in the death of her 2-year-old nephew. Police say the morbidly obese woman admitted to rolling over in the bed and smothering the child accidentally with her hulking frame.

Later, prosecutors dropped capital murder charges after learning the woman falsely confessed; she took the rap for her sister, who was charged and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Apparently, Mayra’s sister killed the boy when she threw a hairbrush at him in a fit of rage.

After turning the page in that horrible chapter in her life’s book, Mayra Rosales had an epiphany: she would lose weight. Of course, diet and exercise, according to experts, would have very little effect on the woman due to the enormous mass she carried and the lack of mobility needed to get her heart rate up to a calorie-burning level. Basically, the woman faced a life or death situation and losing weight had to happen by any means necessary.

“I was alive but not living a life. I was dying. I don’t know if you had seen pictures before you could see it in my face. I had given up in life.”

Luckily, Rosales got the attention of a medical team who intervened and offered the woman a chance to regain her life and lose weight — beyond her dreams. But the journey to losing 800 pounds wouldn’t be easy. Over three years, Rosales underwent nearly a dozen weight-loss surgeries: lap band (or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding) and procedures to remove excess skin.

Losing 800 pounds — whether through dieting, counting calories, eating a high-protein intake, adopting aerobics, doing strength training, or undergoing surgery — is an amazing feat that takes time, patience, and a whole lot of luck. Today, Mayra is loving her new look and is motivated to inspire others through her TLC reality TV show to never give up.

“Food to me is I have to eat to live. Before it was living to eat, and now you know, it’s just something normal.”

The 34-year-old slimmer woman, according to My 600-Pound Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaraden, was driven by her inner desire to live.

“I think Mayra is very motivated,” Nowzaraden said. “Once you’re in bed for several years, she had no life. Once she get up and walk and do things, you’ll be amazed how motivated people become.”

Mayra Rosales losing 800 pounds should serve as proof to others that slimming down begins with the mentality of taking one pound at a time.

[Photo: Facebook via InTouchWeekly]