FriendFeed adds support for Plurk and

FriendFeed has added native support for microblogging platforms Plurk and, bringing the two services into the FriendFeed stream.

Previously, users could import messages from both services via RSS feed and marked as a blog, where as now both services are clearly defined, allowing users to hide feeds from both, should they so desire, without the hide affecting other feeds. Unfortunately, responding via FriendFeed to both services, a feature currently available for Twitter, isn’t available yet.

Before users of both services rush in to add their feeds, one word of caution. If you are using the excellent service, importing your Plurk and streams will see that message repeated on FriendFeed, and there’s no quicker way for a hide than doing that. I switch between and using Plurk (via Plurkair) and (via Twhirl) directly, so I’m not adding my accounts on both just yet.

It’s another sign of the growing popularity of both and Plurk, and the move will be welcomed by users of both services.

(via Paul Buchheit on FriendFeed)