Stephen Johnson: Police Chief With Heel Fetish Arrested, Fired For Hiring Prostitutes On


Stephen Johnson, the 53-year-old Miami Gardens Police Chief, was arrested over the weekend for hiring prostitutes on the controversial website ABC News is reporting that Police Chief Stephen Johnson was also fired from his position, which he held for almost a year.

Police made the arrest after Stephen Johnson came to a Dania Beach Motel, where he forked over $100 for two prostitutes. According to the arrest warrant affidavit, he had planned to engage in a threesome with the two prostitutes, and requested that they wear “heels.”

Unfortunately, his heel fetish led to his arrest shortly after he paid the money to secure the two women, who were actually undercover police officers. Police records show that Stephen Johnson bailed out of jail on Saturday morning.

The once well-respected police chief, who often made news appearances when speaking about his city, was extremely apologetic. Johnson told Local 10 News that it was something he had never engaged in before, and that the stress of the job for the past 30 years was a lot to deal with. He admitted that he chose to deal with the stress in the wrong way, but can’t explain his feelings because it was something that was completely “out of character” for him.

“It just overwhelmed me. The stress overwhelmed me, and I made a very bad decision to deal with that moment that I’ve never experienced before.”

The interview, which can be viewed directly on WPLG Local 10 News’ website, shows a confident, secure gentleman who owned up to his mistake and had no problem admitting to it on camera, stating that it was a strange feeling that overtook him before he made the call to secure the prostitutes.

The police department released the following statement to the public following Johnson’s arrest.

“We remain committed to excellence and integrity on every level. We will not allow Mr. Johnson’s bad judgment to reflect negatively on the hardworking officers of the city of Miami Gardens and the residents they serve on a daily basis.”

Local residents who are familiar with former Police Chief Stephen Johnson had this to say about his current situation.

“Who gets the $100?”

“What an idiot. Your’re the chief of police for crying out loud, don’t you have a wife or a mistress.”

“So much corruption…. Its disgusting!”

“White cops killing ppl & they receive paid leave pending an investigation the man made a bad decision trying to pay for sex & he’s fired on the spot not justifying what he did but look at the bigger picture y’all wake up really.”

“He was the chief of police, he is suppose to be held to a higher standard, I doubt very much he would’ve stood by one of his men if they had gotten caught in the same sting as he.”

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