Kailyn Lowry On Money And Fame: ‘That’s Not Why We Do This’

The girls of Teen Mom 2, including Kailyn Lowry, often come under fire for sharing their lives on television. Rather than see the message that the girls are trying to share, some see young moms who got lucky and are now “rich and famous.” While the girls are paid for their time on reality television and they do appear in magazines, Kail says that those aren’t the reasons why the girls choose to do the show.

Everything started when Kailyn decided to no longer share photos of her sons, Isaac and Lincoln, on Instagram. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kail became tired of the negative comments that supposed fans left on the photos. Most of the negative comments were posted on a photo of her son, Lincoln. Kail has admitted that he needs a haircut, and rather than wait for her to do so, fans decided to lash out against his long hair.

Kailyn Lowry isn’t the first reality show star to pull her kids from Instagram though. Recently, Jersey Shore star Snooki took to Instagram to announce that she would no longer share photos of her kids because she was tired of the rude comments from fans. It seems that stopping the sharing of celebrity babies on social networking may become a trend.

Of course, after making the announcement, Kailyn had to deal with a barrage of even more negative comments regarding her decision. Some slammed her, saying that if she wants the money and notoriety that come along with being a reality show star, then she needs to “deal” with the repercussions. Kail fired back, though.

When asked why she does Teen Mom 2, if not for the money, she gave a very mature answer.

The popularity of the show has helped to skew the original message. While there is no doubt that most of the cast members, including Kailyn Lowry, have enjoyed some fame and money from their roles, when they signed up for the show, they had no idea how huge it would become. At the time, the original Teen Mom girls were not yet super famous either, and no one knew just how long the show would last. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Teen Mom 3 failed on the network. That show came at a time when people viewed the franchise as a vehicle to get famous rather than as a show for preventing teen pregnancy.

Kailyn Lowry is currently filming for the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, which will be back later this year.

[Images: via Instagram]