#TheDress Needs To Die: End Pointless ‘What Color Is The Dress?’ Debate, Please!

Why These Meme Has To Stop

I don’t know how I missed #TheDress when it exploded on the social media scene. Perhaps I was buried under a ton of work and never got around to hoping on Twitter or Tumblr.

However, imagine my surprise when everyone and their mother was asking “what color is the dress”?

As someone who can hop on Photoshop and adjust brightness/contrast, I learned the color was blue and black. And that was the end of the dress.

Until it wasn’t.

Because the internet has latched onto THE DRESS and turned it into a pointless viral meme.

This isn’t like #BrianWillaimsMisremembers (which contributed to NBC holding Williams accountable for dishonesty) or the ALS ice bucket challenge (which helped raise millions to research this illness).

This is the internet at it’s most embarrassingly stupid: Debating something with an obvious answer for the sake of debate and attention whoring.

First, as I said, the answer was as simple as a trip to Photoshop. The person who started the debate even admitted to the actual color of the dress: black and blue.

Since sales of the dress have gone up nearly 400 percent since the debate started (and helped to prove that people are essentially sheep), we all know for a fact that the dress is blue and black.

So… why are people determined to drag out a pointless debate and force a pointless meme?

There’s science to it, but it’s not about why people can’t agree on the color of a dress.

It’s another phenomenon altogether: The “I Need To Be Right” Phenomenon

Once it was discovered that the dress’s colors could not be argued, people continued to push a “debate.” Why? Well, because if you can’t be literally right, why not be figuratively right! Right in an alternate plain of existence.

All we are is dust in the wind… wearing dresses that might be blue and black or white and gold!

The dress debate has now become the internet equivalent of “glass half empty or full” and “chicken or the egg.” The difference is that instead of having a question that allegedly has no answer and is completely philosophical, people have an answer and choose to ignore it.

It could be that people are simply argumentative, and it was never about whether or not the dress was white and gold in color or blue and black.

I’ll go with my original observation: People are sheep.

People will bleat at just about anything, rather than contemplate if the time and energy dedicated to the subject is a remotely sensible use of their time.

[Image Credit: Wired/Swiked]