PS4 Vs Xbox One Vs Wii U: Why Do We Buy Our Consoles? The Answers May Surprise You

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war may be roaring behind the scenes, but if you look past the fanboy rantings for each one, there are some solid reasons for buying each one. It isn’t that one console is better than the others, as it’s all a matter of what you want it to do.

Technically, the Wii U is inferior in processing power to the other two consoles, but it does have its selling points and Nintendo knows it. Nintendo takes their time with flagship franchises and puts a lot of time and love into new ventures. They don’t release a game and then fix it later like most developers these days.

Nielsen, the ratings company that decides which TV shows are more popular according to polls and viewing statistics, took a look at what consumers have said about the consoles they bought. Each console has different strong points and various weak points, so the PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U console war is definitely fueled by actual facts.

You read that right: Gamers don’t always buy their brand new console just because they believe it’s the “master race” like you might see in forums these days. While the PlayStation 4 is leading the sales, the best console on the market depends on what you’re looking for.

The chart posted on Time states that consumers buy the PlayStation 4 most of all for its better visuals and the Blu-ray player. It’s most likely that we remember the distinct advantages of the PS3 over the Xbox 360 and felt those qualities would remain a key selling point. There are also some game franchises that Sony has exclusive rights to, such as Metal Gear.

The Xbox One sales are mostly driven by the brand and innovative features. Exclusive titles like Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive also drove the sales along with the eventual price drop. The Xbox One has high-definition graphics and a Blu-ray player like its competitor, but other factors drive its sales in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

Wii U owners bought their console because they saw the fun factor, the competitive price, and the kid-friendly game library that Nintendo is known for. Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. are both examples of exclusive titles aimed at kids.

As the PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U console war continues into its second year, there may be a clear winner in sales, but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Which of the consoles did you buy, and why?

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