Ferris Bueller’s Super Bowl Commercial Celebrates Launch of Honda CR-V [Video]

Ferris Bueller is back and he’s selling Hondas. Matthew Broderick reprises his famous role in a 2012 Super Bowl Commercial for the new Honda CR-V.

Broderick revisits some famous scenes from Ferris Bueller but with a few interesting changes.

Instead of Cameron getting lost in a painting at the Chicago Art Institute, Ferris loses himself at the Natural History Museum in the eyes of a walrus. Instead of singing “Danke Schoen” during a parade, he sings a Chinese song during a New Year’s celebration. And instead of going to a baseball game he watches some horse races.

Ferris does almost get caught by his boss (instead of his principle), he does give his keys to a devious valet, and he does utter some of the movie’s most famous lines.

Ferris says:

“How can I be expected to work on a day like today,” and “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while. You could miss it.”

Here’s Ferris Bueller’s Super Bowl commercial.

What do you think of Ferris Bueller’s return? Do you think this will be one of the better commercials of the 2012 Super Bowl?

Here’s the original trailer to the 1986 movie.

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