‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison: Britt Is Still In Love With Chris Soules

Chris Harrison host of 'The Bachelor'

Monday, March 2, is a big day in Bachelor world – the night the “Women Tell All” special is set to air. Traditionally, as the last episode before the finale, the special gives the women who vied for the heart of the Bachelor — and lost — the chance to vent to one another. It’s also a forum to settle old arguments between the contestants and the opportunity to question the man at the center of the season about his choices.

The “Women Tell All” special has already been taped, and Bachelor host Chris Harrison has spilled some tidbits to TV Guide about what happened. One particularly interesting bit of news: Britt Nilsson is, according to Harrison, still harboring feelings for Chris Soules. Nilsson, an early frontrunner in the competition, interrupted her last rose ceremony to ask for private time with Soules. Nilsson had planned to eliminate herself before Soules started handing out roses but didn’t get the chance.

According to Harrison, Britt is at the center of “The Women Tell All” and blames the other women for her failure to make a lasting connection with Soules.

“Britt was the star of the show and is still, I think, in love with the guy. It was brutal. She leaned in on Carly [because she] felt if things had been different, if the girls hadn’t sabotaged her, she and Chris would’ve ended up together.”

If Britt wanted evidence that she was indeed sabotaged by the other women, she did not have to look much further than Chris Soules’ blog on People. His entry after the airing of her departure episode confirmed he did not intend to give her a rose. It further enlightened as to why his mind seemed to change so drastically about Britt, and the comments from the other women apparently had something to do with it.

“Frankly, I was not going to give Britt a rose. Yes, her outburst a couple nights prior had something to do with it, but it wasn’t just that. Her sincerity had been on my mind for a couple days. First remember that Ashley I. said something about her on the two-on-one? When I was saying goodbye to her, she questioned if Britt would be the type to live in Iowa. And what you didn’t get to see was that at the cocktail party in Deadwood, Jade said something to me about Britt. She said she constantly flip-flopped on her opinions and was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Carly was almost the last straw.”

Harrison called Monday’s special, which was taped last Saturday, the “craziest ‘Tell All.'” His revelation about Britt’s participation is just one aspect of what should be an entertaining program. Teasers show third-place Kaitlyn Bristowe telling Soules she was “blindsided” by his elimination, a description she has also used in media interviews. A controversial contestant, Kelsey Poe, who made waves by saying that her “story” of being a widow and overcoming loss was “amazing,” is also set to appear.

The Bachelor airs on ABC.

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