Sharon Stone Skips Several Anti-Chevron Rallies, Is Sued By The Crusading PR Firm For Futilely Meeting Her ‘Diva’ Demands

Multi-talented Sharon Stone is being sued by a New York public relations firm for allegedly skipping several of the rallies the company had organized against oil giant Chevron.

While it is a noble crusade to protect Mother Earth from profit-mongering companies that pillage it for its resources, a public relations company is claiming it is fed up of Sharon Stone for skipping several of their rallies organized against Chevron. The battle that raged on for 22 years between environmental activists and the oil giant over pollution in the Amazon jungle took a strange turn this week when MCSquared, a PR outfit in Brooklyn, New York, decided to file a case against Sharon Stone and her talent agency for allegedly failing to show up for paid anti-Chevron appearances in Ecuador.

The federal lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in New York, accuses Sharon Stone of backing out of several scheduled appearances last year. The lawsuit also accuses Ms. Stone’s talent agency, American Program Bureau (APB), for damages owing to the star’s absence. The PR firm is claiming it paid $275,000 to the talent agency but is demanding at least $352,000, including legal costs and other expenses.

The additional amount demanded by the PR firm was spent on Stone’s “diva-like requests, including first-class airfare tickets and luxury hotel suites for herself and her three companions, in addition to hair and makeup services and personal guides.”

The suit hinges on an “oral agreement” MCSquared allegedly had with Sharon Stone and her talent agency regarding her scheduled presence in Ecuador in April 2014. Sharon was supposed to spend three days in Ecuador and meet with high-level government officials of the South American country, including its president and vice president, but backed out at the last minute citing health concerns.

Texaco, Now Owned By Chevron, Pillaged Ecuador, But Chevron Claims Zero Liability

Sharon Stone was supposed to lend “star power” to the long-running crusade against Chevron, which dates back to the late 1960s when Texaco started drilling for oil in small South American country. After Texaco had pillaged Ecuador for three whole decades, it was sued by the local residents over pollution. Despite losing a $9.5 billion judgment against the company, Chevron, which acquired Texaco in 2001, has denied any liability.

The Ecuadorean court’s decision has been in limbo, and MCSquared has been trying to gain momentum for the fight against one of the largest American companies. Interestingly, Chevron is using MCSquared’s suit against Sharon Stone to stress how the allegations against the company are unfounded.

[Image Credit | Mark Davis/Getty Images, Teun Voeten/Reporters/Redux]