June 29, 2017
'Focus' Star Margot Robbie Dominates Jimmy Fallon In Game Of Flip Cup [Video]

Focus star Margot Robbie took on Jimmy Fallon in the drinking game "Flip Cup" on the Tonight Show Thursday night.

Watch it here:

This was quite a feat for the Flip Cup novice Robbie, who started the game by clarifying with Fallon that she was supposed to drink the beverage before flipping the cup. Jimmy Fallon is a Flip Cup veteran having taken on the likes of Kate Upton, Matthew Mcconaughey, Gisele Bundchen, and more.

Margot Robbie, an Australian native, came to the Tonight Show promoting Focus which also stars Will Smith and opened in theaters February 27. Focus is about a veteran con artist played by Smith who takes Robbie's character under his wing to teach her the tricks of the trade.

Focus has been receiving a bit of buzz due to the interracial romantic relationship between Smith and Robbie's characters, with some celebrating Smith finally taking the leap with Robbie while others reveal much more racist viewpoints. And critics have been split on the film with some denoting Focus as simply "better than After Earth," while others applaud the onscreen chemistry between Robbie and Smith.

Regardless of the controversy or reviews, Focus is expected to take the number one box office spot away from Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend.

During her Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon, Robbie discussed her love of having roommates, who in the past has included former Pan Am star Christina Ricci, as well as her guilt-ridden giggly confession that she had stolen hotel toilet paper when her busy Wolf of Wall Street schedule kept her from making it to the store.

And while Robbie may have admitted her harmless thievery to Fallon, she also recently revealed in Us Weekly her own troubles as a victim of theft and how her role in Focus helped her to understand how better to protect herself from sticky fingers in the future.

"I have been robbed a bunch of times. And now that I know how to pickpocket, I understand why I have been pickpocketed so many times. I am unobservant."

Robbie's Focus co-star Smith weighed in and shared his personal experience as a teaching tool for the 24-year-old actress in how to keep her belongings from winding up in someone else's hands.

"Put some in your pocket, put some of it on the inside. You never put everything in one place where you can get hit."

Last night, however, the only victim of robbery was Jimmy Fallon when an inexperienced Margot Robbie gave off a Flip Cup performance that would make any fraternity brother proud and stole his victory.

Better luck next time, Jimmy.

[Image courtesy of NBC]