Rihanna Splashes A Hundred Grand On Marilyn Monroe Crystal Portrait

Rihanna has bought the most glitzy of portraits, a 5ft portrait of Marilyn Monroe made from 65,000 Swarovski crystals. British artist Claire Milner spent four months on the work commissioned by Rihanna. Apparently, the crystals create a rainbow-like effect in the room, as the colors constantly change. The 13 stone picture has now been shipped to Rihanna luxury Beverly Hills mansion where it no doubt caused quite an impression.

Claire Milner was asked to describe the motivation behind the picture:

“I tried to show the glitter of the public life and then the sadness in Marilyn’s eyes. Because of who Rihanna is, everything had to be done through her interior decorators. But they told me afterwards that she loved it. A 100 per cent Swarovski crystal portrait is very luxurious — people stand and stare because it constantly changes colour, sending rainbows round the room.”

This year, in August, will be the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, at the age of 36. Marilyn Monroe struggled with the pressures of fame and it is said that Rihanna identifies with her. Rihanna is also currently looking to produce and star in her own fashion show. According to MiD DAY, Rihanna is very excited about this project, saying:

“I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage,” explained the star. I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show.”

Source: The Sun