Gisele Paris Sentenced: Woman Who Stole Terminally-Ill Neighbor’s Dog And Euthanized It Will Serve Jail Time [Video]

Gisele Paris Sentenced — Woman Who Stole Terminally Ill Neighbor's Dog And Euthanized It Will Serve Jail Time

Gisele Paris, who was found guilty in December for stealing a terminally-ill neighbor’s dog and had it euthanized, was sentenced Friday to three-to-six months in jail and 18 months probation.

Judge Anthony Mariani said Paris showed no remorse and is a danger to society. The judge ordered deputies to place Paris in handcuffs and take her to jail immediately after sentencing, reports the Associated Press.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gisele Paris, 58, was found guilty in December of theft, receiving stolen property and cruelty to animals after she stole neighbor Mark Boehler’s dog, a Siberian husky named Thor, from his backyard in November of 2013. Boehler was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer just months before Thor was stolen.

According to Paris, she did not steal the dog, but had found him in a vacant lot and took him because she believed he was being abused. When a vet told Paris it would $600 to remove growths from Thor’s hind legs, she paid a veterinarian to come to her home in February of 2014 euthanize Thor.

A veterinarian who testified during Paris’s trial in December said Thor was healthy and had no life-threatening issues at the time Paris had him put down.

Humane officers said they had checked Boehler’s residence multiple times and found it to be acceptable for Thor.


According to CBS Pittsburgh, Mark Boehler, who gave a victim impact statement at Paris’s sentencing hearing, cried at times as he spoke about what happened to Thor.

“‘Cause it was my dog. It wasn’t her dog. She took it into her hands to bury on her property with her family pets. It was my family pet. I had him for over eight years. She had him for two months. He didn’t last two months with her, but he lasted over eight years with me, so who treated him right?”

The verdict led to a confrontation between Boehler and Barry Paris, Gisele Paris’s cousin, who blamed the victim for an “unjust verdict,” according to CBS Pittsburgh. The cousin described Paris as an animal lover who had no malice in trying to care for Thor.

“This verdict is the most unjust and the sentence is the most vicious and vindictive, inappropriate, and the problem here was the maltreatment and abuse of the animal in the first place by its owner who has performed theatrics for you, the media happily and in the courtroom.”

Gisele Paris’s attorney told CBS Pittsburgh he is already in the process of filing an appeal.

[Images via CBS Pittsburgh]