Disneyland Ghost: Viral Video Shows Apparition Walking Through Park After Closing

A Disneyland ghost video is making the rounds on the internet this week, showing what appears to be an apparition walking through the park's grounds after dark.

The video isn't exactly new. In fact it was first uploaded to YouTube more than five years ago and has already racked up more than 5 million views.

But the Disneyland ghost video found new life (so to speak) this week when it was uploaded to Reddit and garnered close to 2,000 user votes. It was also picked up by other outlets across the internet, including The Huffington Post.

The video, shown from the perspective of several different surveillance cameras. After a few seconds a figure appears to be moving down a walkway, and as it gets closer to the camera it appears to be the shape of a human moving at a walking pace.

There are some ideas about the real reason for the Disneyland ghost video. As the top-voted comment on Reddit notes, the video appears to show the effects of an over-used VHS tape, likely the same one for years inside the surveillance station.

"Maybe they were still re-using VHS tapes and the static image came through from previous recordings," the commenter noted. "Like a lone janitor or something. It is compelling in any case."

Others noted that the Disneyland ghost video had already been debunked, with other surveillance videos reportedly showing the same kind of spots that came from simple wear and tear.

While the real explanation may remain a mystery, the video does prove one thing clearly -- the internet loves its ghost stories. Just a few weeks before, a Google Street View picture of the Seaman's Orphan Institution in Liverpool, England, appeared to show the face of a ghostly girl.

The building is notorious for its ghost sightings, with many people saying they have heard noises and felt uneasy inside the orphanage. There could be a good reason for the creepy reputation. The building had anti-suicide grills in stairwells and 14 "naughty" cupboards in an attic hallway where misbehaving children were kept in complete darkness.

There have been many rumors about ghosts at Disneyland, with The Ghost Diaries sharing some creepy details:

What most people don't know is that there are remnants of dead bodies scattered all over Disneyland. In recent years, it has become incredibly common for families to dispose of their loved ones' ashes on Disneyland rides, most popularly on Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Apparently it happens so often that security guards actually had to institute a procedure for handling it. Guards closely monitor the ride through surveillance cameras and even walk the length of the track after-hours to look for suspicious piles of ash and bone fragments.
The Disneyland ghost reportedly caught on the recently viral video at least appears to have a sense of humor. It was seen walking in the grounds of the Haunted Mansion, of course.