Kim Kardashian Stalker With Luggage Shows Up At Her House

Kim Kardashian was forced to call police late Saturday night after a stalker showed up at her Beverly Hills home with luggage in hand.

The stalker planned to stay at Kardashian’s home and was found standing outside the game to her house.

According to a source close to Kardashian the man rang her intercom system at the homes security gate and then claimed that Kim herself had flown him in to stay at her residence. The stalker who has not yet been identified also claimed that she had offered him a spot on her reality TV show.

When the man refused to leave Kim had her security detail call local police.

It’s not clear at this time if the man was booked for any type of crime. If she would have just waited 73 days he might have announced that it was all a planned stalking that was meant to end at that time.

Jokes aside are you surprised that anyone would actually want to stalk Kim Kardashian?