Drunken Naked Chinese Woman Pulls Down Pants, Brawls With Police

In another bizarre incident involving a woman under the influence getting naked and proceeding to brawl with police, authorities were involved in an altercation with a chemically-altered naked woman in China.

As has become beyond common in the U.S., the Chinese also apparently have a penchant for whipping out their electronic devices to capture pictures and video of any potentially dramatic, funny, or violent event, and such was the case when a drunken, topless Chinese woman, her husband, and her friends got into an all out brawl with police, reports the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the drunken and at first only topless Chinese woman, Xiao Chen-Li, 30, and her husband, Sying Hseuh, 28, along with the friends, got pulled over by police following a dining experience that reportedly included plenty of drinking.

As the scene opens, the topless drunken Chinese woman is not yet visible, but the melee is well underway. Some legs in pink clothing stick out from the bottom of the frame, seemingly attached to an individual who is not conscious, while a shirtless guy struggles from the ground and leads the fight with police.

Shortly thereafter, the drunken Chinese woman makes her first appearance, and from there it’s game on.

In a truly stunning display of ferocity, resiliency, and mental instability, the drunken Chinese woman emerges from a fighting scrum of police and presumably the others who were in her party. But once the drunken Chinese woman appears, she takes the incident to a whole new level, letting loose a primal scream while at the same time inexplicably pulling down her pants.

Whether the now-naked drunken Chinese woman felt having her pants around her ankles would offer some sort of strategic advantage over the police in the fight can only be left to speculation, but her pants around her ankles surprisingly don’t slow her down. The drunken, naked Chinese woman only seeming to pick up steam as the brawl continues to escalate.

While certainly no Miesha Tate or Ronda Rousey, the tenacity of the drunken Chinese woman is clearly frightening, her arms raised and hands flying, like getting in the way of a drunken, naked lawn mower, the police officers she is attacking try to stay off her war path.

The crowd, looking on, utters their disapproval with groans of disappointment, shocked by the drunken, naked Chinese woman’s behavior.

“It was hilarious, bizarre and disturbing all at the same time,” said drunken Chinese brawl spectator, Liang Yao, 25, according to the Mirror. “No one really seemed in control. The drunks were falling all over the place, the police didn’t seem to know what to do and then this woman yelling obscenities waded in, revealing all.”

Six people were arrested for a variety of charges, including disturbing the peace and drunk driving. The drunken, naked Chinese woman received additional charges for taking her clothes off during the wild affair.

So in the end, things did not fare well for the naked, drunken Chinese woman or her husband. A reminder that if you’re going to get into a drunken brawl with police, at least keep your clothes on.

[Image via YouTube]