Jon Hamm-O-Gram Is The Valentines Day Card Your Significant Other Really Wants

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for guys, we have to find the right place for dinner, make sure we buy the flowers out special someone likes and then buy the perfect Valentine’s Day card and perhaps another gift or two. Now part of the give giving has become easy thanks to Mad Men actor Jon Hamm.

Known as the Hamm-O-Gram the Don Draper actor is providing a special valentine crafted specifically for your loved one and their obsession with everything Hamm.

The cost of each card is $5 and they include a picture of Jon Hamm and a unique love note that is guaranteed to be “tailored for maximum sexiness.”

While you could take the time to create a specialized card of your own on your computer or mobile device a portion of each card sold is being donated to charity.

Would you like to receive a personalized Jon Hamm Valentine’s Day card of your very own?