Sam Worthington Is Afraid of Heights [Video]

In Sam Worthington’s latest movie, “Man on a Ledge,” he plays a suicidal cop who negotiates with the NYPD while standing 20 stories above the ground on a small ledge, which was a little unnerving for Worthington as the actor is afraid of heights.

BlogZap2It reports that “Man on a Ledge” was filmed on location with the actors actually dangling from the side of a building in New York and not in front of a green screen. Worthington said:

“I guess my fear of heights is really a fear of falling and landing in a splat. And when you’re as high as we were, which is 200 feet, I think anybody can be nervous… you pray you don’t fall. It was turning to winter, so it was icy. A lot of wind. You try your best to stay still. That’s why I was so pleased that the first time I went out on the ledge, I didn’t burst into tears crying, ‘I don’t want to do this movie! Somebody call my agent!'”

Worthington said that the movie draws a lot of tension from its location. Worthington told the Sun Times:

“You just couldn’t do this in a studio, or it would look fake. The audience would see through it in a minute.”

Worthington’s fear of heights was subdued by the fact that the crew took plenty of time to make sure that he was safe while standings 20 feet above the New York city street.

“I had on cables, and there were safety measures. Still, I was sweating a lot and breathing hard. I was told, ‘Just trust us. We have you if you slip.’ Every now and then, I’d slip on the ledge or stumble. When you slip off, it was like hanging there like a puppet, and then the stunt team just drags you back up.”

“Man on a Ledge” fell to fifth at the box office this weekend while Liam Neeson’s “The Grey” took the top spot. Have you seen “Man on a Ledge?” Here’s an interview with Sam Worthington.