Jon Stewart Quits Because Of Conservatives?

Is Jon Stewart quitting his television program, The Daily Show, because conservatives are driving him crazy? That appears to the story, according to Yahoo News. Jon Stewart is quitting because, he says, conservatives are “killing me.”

Jon Stewart finally explained at length why he is leaving The Daily Show.He started by showing clips of reaction to his announcement from the right — mostly Fox News Channel, where Megyn Kelly is seen talking about how “nasty” Stewart got, with “no foothold in the facts.”,” Yahoo News reported.

Stewart challenged Fox New Channel to a “Lie Off” and said “Your distortions and lack of fact foothold against mine.” Then hit popular talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who he says has “poisoned the Republican brand” and asked about that, “How do you poison a cyanide factory?”

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Jon Stewart expressed his views about conservatives in general, saying “Take it from someone who’s been watching what they do for a blessedly almost 16 years or so. Their chronically angry war for ideological purity, where every aspect of life becomes a two-dimensional battle for America’s soul – it ages you. Even watching it is killing me.”

Fox News was challenged to a “Lie Off” by Jon Stewart, The Washington Post reported. The challenge was a response to comments from Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly File, on the Fox News Channel, who had commented on the announcement that Stewart would be leaving his show on Comedy Central.

“I can tell you my own feeling on Jon Stewart, while I enjoy consuming his news product — this fake news product, you know at home and laughing at it,” said Kelly. “I don’t think overall he’s been a force for good. Because I think especially in his later years he got a little nasty. I think he got a little burnt-out. And I can speak personally to a lot of the attacks that were levied on me, had no foothold in the facts.”

Answering the comments by Kelly, Jon Stewart presented on his show 50 alleged lies told on programs on the Fox News Channel. Stewart claimed there are “Plenty more where that came from,” and pointed out that he has only 22 minutes of air time per episode of his show.

The Inquisitr reported on Stewart leaving, with the headline “Jon Stewart’s Reason For Leaving ‘Daily Show?’ ‘Watching Fox News Is Killing Me.’

“Jon Stewart started his Wednesday night show with clips from the media world commenting on his leaving the Daily Show. Naturally, Fox News had some less-than-favorable things to say about the late-night comedian, including host Megyn Kelly claiming his show’s attacks on her over the years had “no foothold in the facts.”,” theInquisitr reported.

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