‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Meri Brown Talks About Divorce, Eternity With Kody In New Preview

Sister Wives fans have been very anxious for answers regarding the divorce between Meri and Kody Brown. Though the news of the divorce broke before the family officially announced anything, they’re all coming together in Sunday’s finale to explain just how it all transpired. A new Sister Wives spoiler sneak peek reveals a bit of new information for anxious fans.

Though viewers won’t know for certain until Sunday just what led to the decision for Meri Brown to divorce Kody, the new Sister Wives spoiler sneak peek via People does show the family just after the explanation was revealed as they taped the finale special. Viewers may have seen another spoiler clip showing Kody and Robyn showing up at Meri’s house per her request, and she mentions that she’s met with a lawyer to discuss a divorce.

Until now, the family has not detailed why the divorce took place. There’s been a lot of speculation, most of it surrounding the idea that having a legal union between Kody and Robyn somehow was needed due to something related to her kids. From the looks of this new clip, it definitely seems to be related to Robyn and the children most of all and the family is still very much together.

The ladies are all wiping away tears as Meri says that she’s not trying to pat herself on the back, as that’s not what the decision was about. She says it was about the kids and the unity of the family. Meri says it was the end of something in a way, as she and Kody have been together for nearly 25 years.

Despite her legal marriage ending, Meri says that she knows it’s not truly the end, as she has eternity with Kody and with the family. Robyn says that she knows Kody and Meri love one another, so it was very painful, emotional and powerful to watch the two sign their divorce papers.

The family has said simply that the divorce came as a move to restructure the family, and they haven’t shared anything more in-depth yet. The Season 5 Sister Wives finale airs Sunday night on TLC, and there will also be a Sister Wives Tell All special airing after the finale as well.

TV Guide notes that during the first episode, simply titled “Divorce,” Meri’s announcement generates shockwaves for everybody in the family. Whatever led up to the decision, it seems that many were caught off-guard. Then in the tell-all special, the family talks with Tamron Hall about the season as a whole, though obviously a great deal of time will be spent on the divorce and family restructuring.

It does seem via the sneak peeks and the family’s social media activity that indeed the family is still together, and everybody will learn the truth about the Sister Wives divorce during the Sunday, March 1 finale. Luckily TLC has renewed the show for Season 6, so Kody Brown and the family will return for more again soon.

[Image via Daily Mail]