Kirstie Alley Says Demi Moore Will “Work Through It”

Kirstie Alley on Sunday voiced her support for friend Demi Moore as she continues to fight through a health crisis brought on by exhaustion, stress and a drug addiction.

On Friday Alley told PEOPLE:

“Demi is a smart, insightful girl and she will work through it,” while adding, “I have no doubts. I love Demi. She’ll work it out.”

Alley made her comments while taking part in former Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Dance With Me Studios’ Ballroom Birthday Bash.

Speaking about Moore and her battle with addiction Chmerkovskiy said:

“It’s sad that a lot of stuff is public knowledge … With situations like this, you could deal without everybody knowing about it. From what I know of her and from people who know her say, she’s an amazing, strong woman and I hope she’ll be all right.”

Other friends of Moore have also voiced their public opinion including Sherri Shepherd:

“I feel bad for Demi,” says Shepherd. “She’s a survivor and I know she will get back up and get through this. I hope she and Ashton get back together as I hope Heidi and Seal get back together. I don’t like to hear about breakups and I’m really rooting for all of them.”

In the meantime the chance of an Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore reunion are not likely as he continued to work and party in Brazil when Demi was rushed to the hospital late this week.

Do you think Demi Moore will quickly rebound from her addiction and possible depression?