After The FAA Announces Lax U.S. Drone Policy, Will A ‘Dronie’ Become The Next Internet Thing?


Drones, the most frequent assassin in the “War on Terror,” has increased in usage since 2009. However, this Swiss Army knife-like device has slowly been used commercially more and more. Well, at least it has been teased.

Amazon tested a drone delivery service last summer, with a request filed with the FAA following said test. Prior to that, there was the drone beer service for ice fisherman. However, they didn’t ask for governmental permission and were subsequently shut down.

In the year 2015, the FAA has changed its mind about commercial drones, sort-of.

According to the Inquisitr, the FAA is looking to relax its regulation on “thousands” of drones. More specifically, in two years, Amazon Air might be in flight with your most recent season of the Walking Dead and that iPhone case you purchased. Not surprisingly, drone repair shops like are “excited,” as the Los Angeles Times reported. Should everyone else be?

It is hard to predict everyone’s desire to have a drone, that normally blows up terrorists and everything nearby, to deliver products to them. However, it is undeniable that everyone loves a good ‘Selfie’. How about a good ol’ “dronie.”

Breitbart reports that the “Dronie” is the new “Selfie.” It has become so popular, among travelers specifically, that resorts are looking to offer the service. That is if you have a wallet equipped for “high dollar” amounts.

According to Eric Cheng, who happens to be the director of a Chinese drone company, says drones will replace the “selfie stick” and will “unlock the third dimension.” That is, if you find the “selfie stick” to be indispensable in the first place, or if you have the desire to travel dimensions.

Amit Gupta, entrepreneur and founder of Photojojo, demonstrated the awesomeness of “dronies” by taking a massive one of he and his friends in San Francisco. Perhaps Apple can come up with a drone feature in the camera app; use the accelerometer at a “MySpace angle,” and press the volume button for “dronie.”

Perhaps “drone with friends” will be created to allow you to chose to share a “dronie,” or drone your buddy.

Considering President Obama’s love of drones and “selfie sticks,” perhaps the next Affordable Care Act commercial will include all the sign ups for the fledgling health care act in a big “dronie.” Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Do you take “dronies”? Are you excited about the expanded use of drones? Leave your thoughts.

[Photo Credit: Max Ogdon/Flickr]