‘Evolve’ Patch 1.1 Released, Tournament Announced

Developers Turtle Rock and 2K have announced that Patch 1.1 for their critically acclaimed Evolve has been released, according to 2K’s official website. The patch purports to address many of the problems that have been plaguing some Xbox One users.

This patch addresses the following issues.

  • Fixes issue on Xbox One with progress and save game data lost
  • Fixes issue with shadows/flashlight on Xbox One
  • Incremental improvements to matchmaking, invites, and rejoining on Xbox One
  • Various progression balance changes
  • Fixes issue where more than one class spawns, creating 5-man team

Turtle Rock and 2K also spoke about the Xbox One data loss with saved games, and pointed to an earlier blog update which sought to help players re-unlock any characters that Evolve players had previously unlocked, but which had been locked again due to data loss.

“The issue with lost progress and saved games was mostly limited to the Xbox One; it was rare and affected only a small percentage of players. Fixing this has been the dev team’s top priority since it was first reported, and our customer service agents have been working to help those affected.”

In order to re-unlock these characters previously, players had to send the following while sending a support request to 2K.

  • A photo of your Xbox Live Gamertag/PSN ID/SteamID on the leaderboard with a locked character who was previously unlocked.
  • Include the email address for your my2K account and make sure that it’s linked to Evolve.

2K have noted that the patch should automatically download and install for you the next time you fire up Evolve. If you still experience any progression loss even after the patch is live, 2K has said that players should ensure that their Xbox One is connected to the internet and their my2K account is linked to Evolve. Should problems still persist, players are encouraged to contact 2K.

In related news, both 2K and Turtle Rock have announced that they will be holding an Evolve eSport tournament on March 6, which will feature a mix of both amateur and professional eSport players spread across a total of eight teams, although competitors have yet to be announced. The single-elimination tournament will have teams face-off as both monsters and hunters in best of three matches. This event will take place at PAX East’s ESL Arena. For those who are unable to attend the event in person, the tournament will be streamed live through the Evolve Twitch channel.

[Image via Evolve]