‘Good Wife’ Spoilers: Big Guest Stars Ahead In ‘Dark Money’

The Good Wife is finally back with new episodes beginning on Sunday, March 1. Fans have been impatiently waiting to dive back into this show and from the sounds of things, this next episode has something for everyone. What Good Wife spoilers are available for the episode titled “Dark Money”?

The synopsis via TV Guide teases that Colin Sweeney is back and he needs Cary and Diane to represent him in a new case. Alicia’s campaign for State’s Attorney continues, and both she and competitor Frank Prady are pulling out all the stops to woo a big-time money guy.

The last that viewers saw, Alicia was upset that Cary and Diane had added David Lee to the new firm without consulting with her first. Alicia made some serious accusations in the midst of the fight, and it seems this will leave a lasting mark on her relationship with Diane.

Not only is the character of Colin Sweeney back, but Good Wife spoilers indicate that Gary Cole is back as Diane’s husband Kurt McVeigh as well. Oliver Platt shows up in this one, E! Online shares, and it seems Ed Asner is in the mix of things as well.

Platt plays a rich Republican who could be a source of business for the law firm. Asner is pushing some boundaries with Alicia, and Good Wife spoiler sneak peeks show that Michael J. Fox is back as Louis Canning again as well.

It seems that Sweeney needs help after he alleges that a television producer created a character on him and he’s not happy about it. TV Guide teases that Colin won’t be happy about how Diane and Cary move forward on the case, so he will try to pull Alicia back into the mix. When she won’t help, he stirs up trouble in the kind of way that only Colin Sweeney can.

Good Wife spoilers tease that Sweeney will threaten to reveal something juicy about Alicia. In addition, it seems that there’s plenty more ahead involving Alicia and both Finn and John as well.

What about Kalinda? She went to great lengths to ensure Cary would not spend years in prison, but now it’s going to come back at her. She made a deal with the devil, Lemond Bishop, and he’s soon going to call in that favor.

Sadly for fans, Archie Panjabi is leaving the role of Kalinda at the end of the season. From the sounds of the Good Wife spoilers, viewers are going to see the groundwork laid over the next few episodes that leads to her exit. Those with the show tease that Kalinda’s exit will be emotional, but there won’t be a big shocker like what happened with the character of Will Gardner when Josh Charles chose to leave the show. There’s no guarantee that Kalinda leaves alive and well, but it seems that whatever does happen comes with some lead-up.

Will Alicia win the election? Where does the law firm go from here? There are seven new episodes ahead this spring and fans cannot wait. The Good Wife returns with the Season 6, Episode 13 show titled “Dark Money” on Sunday, March 1.

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