Ryan Serhant Strips Down For Sexy Photo Shoot: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Shows Off Toned Body

Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant has been on the show since the very beginning when Bravo began following three real-estate agents in New York. Serhant has been sharing everything about his career on the show, but his fans wanted to see more. When Ryan got himself a girlfriend during the show’s third season, viewers started seeing a brand new side of him.

Ryan Serhant will be proposing on the show’s fourth season, and fans will finally see an emotional and romantic side of him. According to the Inquisitr, this upcoming season will probably be very different from what fans have seen of him up until now. But now, Serhant is opening up completely. He has stripped down for a brand new photo shoot.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant is now revealing almost everything in a brand new photo shoot. In several pictures, Serhant is showing off his toned body and his strong legs. One can imagine that his future wife, Emilia, is one lucky girl. The pictures for Flaunt was accompanied with an article.

“I am successful at what I do, not because I know anything about real estate, but because I know how to negotiate people,” Ryan Serhant has revealed, adding, “I was an actor for a very long time, it’s what I studied. Everybody’s different but everybody’s exactly the same at the same time. Everyone is a human being. Everyone has needs, wants, and desires.”

Of course, Ryan Serhant tried out a new career path last year, as he starred in the movie While We Were Young alongside Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. Both the new season of Million Dollar Listing and the movie will premiere in April. But just because Serhant tried out his acting skills doesn’t mean he is leaving real-estate behind.

“The estate business is a volume business,” he explains of the growing real estate industry in New York, adding, “It’s a commission business. There is absolutely no ceiling to how much money you can make and there is absolutely no floor to how much money you can not make.”

On a personal note, Ryan has just purchased a penthouse with his future wife. The two have been decorating their new home together. Surely, this will be featured in the new season of Million Dollar Listing.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant stripping down and showing off his toned body?

[Image via Flaunt]