Servando Gomez: Mexico’s Most Wanted Drug Lord Captured By Federal Authorities

Servando Gomez was captured by federal authorities in Michoacan, Mexico, on Friday. Also known as “La Tuta,” the 49-year-old man was Mexico’s most-wanted drug lord. As the head of the Knights Templar cartel, Gomez is accused of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and murder.

As reported by Channel 4 News, Gomez’s nickname refers to his former career as a schoolteacher. Although he enjoyed helping children, the infamous drug lord said teaching simply “wasn’t satisfying.”

Under Servando Gomez’s command, the Knights Templar cartel became an imposing force throughout the state of Michoacan. As reported by the Huffington Post, Gomez insists the Knights Templar’s “only function is to help the people, preserve [the] state, and preserve [the] country.”

Although Gomez claims his intentions are altruistic, the Knights Templar are accused of drug trafficking, extortion, murder, and torture. Authorities said the cartel gained control over numerous communities by controlling commerce and manipulating local politicians.

In the last seven years, an estimated 100,000 people have died as the result of gang and drug-related violence in Mexico. The staggering numbers prompted officials to focus on eliminating drug cartels.

Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is credited with launching a country-wide crackdown on cartels and vigilante groups. In 2014, authorities captured Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman — leader of Mexico’s infamous Sinaloa cartel. Servando Gomez’s arrest will likely mean the end of another dangerous cartel.

Authorities said Mexico’s most wanted drug lord was arrested outside a Morelia home. Thankfully, nobody was harmed during the arrest.

In an October 2014 video message, Gomez insisted that he would never surrender to police.

“I have committed many crimes like an idiot, and I will have to pay for them when the time comes, but I don’t plan to do that on this earth… I am not going to give myself up. I am going to fight until the end.”

A spokeswoman with a local police agency said Gomez will be transported to Mexico City for further proceedings. Although several others were arrested at the same time, authorities have not revealed their identities.

In addition to numerous charges in Mexico, Servando Gomez is wanted in the United States on several drug trafficking charges.

[Image via CNN]