‘The Voice’ Gets Surprise Audition: Which Coach Sang And Which Chairs Turned?

As some fans of The Voice already know, today’s episode was going to feature a rather “special” audition from one of the judges.

During a bit of downtime on the show, Voice coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine decided to ask if it were possible for him to perform a blind audition. There was a preview posted on the official YouTube for The Voice which showed the other three judges being turned around. But fans would have to wait until tonight’s episode to find out how it went and what Adam sang.

Well, the episode aired and the Voice audience was able to hear Adam Levine’s full “audition.” In case you’re worried about how Adam faired and happened to have missed it, he completely aced it!

The Voice judge opted for “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John.

The song is something of a classic, and the other judges had to wait a spell to decide whether or not they liked the spin Adam put on the song. And then the chairs turned.

First to light up her lane for Adam was fellow Voice coach Christina Aguilera. She pushed her button in perhaps the coolest manner ever on the show. The diva casually used her high heels to press her button and turn around for Levine.

Even though Levine managed an impressive three-chair turn, the singer was determined to be a four-chair contestant. At one point, Adam jokingly admonished himself for not turning around, which was soon after corrected by Voice mentor Pharrell Williams. After Adam Levine had finished his well-received performance of “Tiny Dancer,” the other judges spoke up about the performance.

Finally, it came time for Levine to choose which team he would be on if he had the option of being a blind audition contestant. In the end, we learned that Adam would totally have opted for Team Christina! Not one to miss out on the opportunity quietly shade her fellow Voice coaches, Aguilera admitted she was glad he picked her so that she could work on the flaws she heard in his singing. Ouch!

It was ultimately a great impromptu performance by Adam Levine that was most certainly a welcome treat for the Voice audience. It no doubt made fans of the singing competition wonder if at any point in the near future, we might get other “auditions” from the judges.

How did you feel about the Adam Levine performance? If you were a judge on The Voice, would you have pressed your button for Adam?

[Image Credit: NBC’s The Voice]