Fox News Host Calls GOP Debates Stupid [Video]

Fox News Host Chris Wallace says that the Republican debates are “stupid. The conservative host had a lot to say about the debates and none of it has been very nice.

“It is ridiculous how many debates there have been–this is the nineteenth debate. It is insane that there have been nineteen debates!”

Wallace even commented that there have been so many debates the moderators don’t even know what to ask anymore.

“They’re all stupid. It’s like you’re tuning in to a car race, you really want to see if there’s a wreck.”

Wallace isn’t the only one to say there have been too many debates. Karl Rove, the man responsible for George W. Bush’s electoral wins, says there are way too many debates and that they are actually distracting from the issues.

The GOP is probably going debate crazy because it is widely accepted that President Obama is a fantastic debater. It is firmly rooted in the belief that in order to beat Obama the nominee is going to have to out debate him.

Unfortunately this strategy is backfiring as the candidates are just destroying each other on a weekly basis for the whole world to see. Some of the most formidable politicians in the Republican party have had to drop out of the race in disgrace due to poor debate performances.

There is one thing that is for certain though. President Obama is taking notes and I am quite sure he is going to use everything the candidates are throwing at each other when it comes to the general elections.

Maybe that is the GOP strategy, to make everyone so sick of hearing it they tune out the nominees.

Do you think Chris Wallace is right and the debates are stupid?

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