Evelyn Lozada Was Offered Big Bucks To Return To ‘Basketball Wives’

Evelyn Lozada is a name that people associate with the original Basketball Wives franchise. At the time the show began filming, she was the ex-girlfriend of Antoine Walker and she was single. While filming, Evelyn began dating Chad Ochocinco. It was a great relationship for a while, and they were planning on getting married and having children together.

But suddenly, Evelyn Lozada’s world came crashing down. In a split second, Evelyn began questioning her entire future with Chad, as she found receipts for condoms in his car. She got furious over the discovery, and Chad head-butted her as a response. Lozada quickly ended everything with Chad, as she didn’t want to be in a violent and abusive relationship.

According to new tweets, Evelyn Lozada is now revealing that she has no plans of returning to Basketball Wives. Apparently, Lozada was offered quite the money to return, but she claims that she has moved on from the show.

“Sooooo many sweet tweets from everyone! Thank you for still being here through the good & the bad! BBW would be nothing without the fans,” Evelyn Lozada revealed on Twitter this morning, adding, “Love you guys so much!”

It was revealed that VH1 was dishing out around $2 million to get some of the original ladies to return to the show. Apparently, Tami Roman decided to return, even though she has experienced quite the backlash from being involved with reality television.

As for Evelyn Lozada, she is no longer tossing wine bottles at people, or pulling women’s hair during angry fights. Instead, Evelyn kept herself out of the spotlight for a while. Then, Evelyn popped up in Los Angeles. She has since found love and had that baby boy she wanted for a long time. But don’t expect Evelyn to start filming a reality show anytime soon.

It sounds like those days are over for Evelyn Lozada and her new family. Back in late 2013, Lozada didn’t film the reunion show for the fifth season, because she just wanted to move on with her life. Clearly, there was unresolved drama, especially since didn’t get the support from her friends that she had hoped for after Chad abused her. Since then, Evelyn Lozada has called her baby boy a blessing in her life, according to the Inquisitr.

What do you think about Evelyn Lozada turning down the offer to return to Basketball Wives?

[Image via VH1]