Llama Drama: CNN Interviews Actual Llama

CNN And Llama Drama

The whole world watched yesterday as two llamas caused some drama in Sun City, Arizona. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the two llamas roamed through the streets of the Phoenix suburb, dodging vehicles and making their way through various neighborhoods.

The llamas were eventually captured, but their popularity spiked on social media. Several trends and memes were created because of what became known as the “llama drama.” And to cash in on the craze, CNN’s Don Lemon decided to interview an actual llama.

As reported by Mashable, Lemon brought on a llama named Pierre for an in-studio interview about the drama that unfolded in Arizona. However, Lemon’s questions were mostly for the handler, Susan, who noted that this particular llama was pretty well known.

“He’s been on ‘Saturday Night Live’… he’s done quite a few things.”

Lemon then asked if llamas have a tendency to break free, like the ones that caused drama in Arizona. Susan said they do.

“Oh, yeah, they like to run. Pierre likes to run, if he can.”

But then Lemon wanted to know exactly how the llamas in Arizona were able to break free and cause drama. Susan said she didn’t know, but she explained some possibilities.

“Oh, they might have just left the gate open, or a fence went down. I don’t know how theirs escaped.”

However, an update from the Arizona Republic states that the llamas had escaped after they arrived to an assisted living facility. Lieutenant Brandon Jones said three llamas were brought to the facility and were planned to be used as some form of therapy for the residents. But the loud sound of the trailer door opening scared them, and that’s when the llamas escaped and caused drama in the suburban area.

It’s uncertain what persuaded Lemon to bring an actual llama onto the CNN set in the wake of the drama in Arizona. But before the show ended, Lemon decided to have a little fun by talking to the llama.

“Can I change Pierre’s name? I’m going to change it to Lorenzo – ‘Lorenzo Llamas.’ That was so corny, wasn’t it?”

The llama didn’t look too amused by Lemon’s joke.

Why do you think Don Lemon brought an actual llama onto the CNN set to discuss the drama in Arizona?

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