'Bachelor' 2015 'Women Tell All' Spoilers: Britt Faces Carly And The Other Bachelorettes

Chris Soules' bachelorettes from ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season return Monday night for the "Women Tell All" special. There will be plenty of drama from Season 19 to address, and a new sneak peek shows a taste of what Britt Nilsson will face. She's got some things to say to Carly Waddell, but a new Bachelor sneak peek shows that some of the ladies have a few things to say to Britt as well.

A new preview from E! Online shows a taste of the Britt and Carly showdown. Nilsson, naturally, will be a focus of Monday's "Women Tell All" to a great extent. She got the first impression rose and had a strong connection early on with Chris Soules. However, not everybody thought she was being genuine and things imploded during the dates in Iowa.

Carly Waddell is catching a lot of heat for telling Chris that Britt perhaps was not being entirely truthful and genuine. However, the Bachelor spoiler sneak peek shows that there were other women who had their doubts as well. Samantha speaks up and says that something seemed off to her and she felt perhaps Nilsson was there just for the cameras. A number of the ladies nod in agreement as Samantha says this.

Jillian seems to stick up for Britt, though other Bachelor spoilers from the "Women Tell All" indicate that she makes it clear she's not a Carly fan, so this may be her picking sides for a variety of reasons. Britt gets quite emotional and sticks up for herself, noting that she's ended up in a position where she really can't win. Whether people like Britt or aren't fans of her, she may well have a fair point there.

As Chris Harrison interjects and asks how much of the drama may have been due to Britt getting the first impression rose, Carly says that she liked Britt early on. Carly and several of the women, who are all talking over one another, seem to say that they did like Britt, but they questioned her authenticity and motives. As Carly starts to talk, Britt snaps at her and says she wants a chance to talk since Carly had narrated the last three weeks of her love story.

Harrison told TV Guide that Britt ends up being essentially the star of the "Women Tell All." Chris has always been a pretty big fan of Britt's, so it will be interesting to see if the other ladies, Chris Soules and the viewers at home find her to be genuine and sympathetic or insincere and manipulative. While many had been expecting to see her named as The Bachelorette 2015 star for the spring, word has it that the network has gone with Kaitlyn Bristowe instead.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that viewers will also see time spent chatting with Kelsey Poe, Ashley Iaconetti, Ashley Salter, and Kaitlyn Poe during Monday's special too. How does it all play out with Britt Nilsson, Chris Soules, Carly Waddell and the rest? Tune in to ABC's The Bachelor 2015 "Women Tell All" special to find out.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]