Jenelle Evans Arrested Again As Teen Mom’s Downward Spiral Continues

It seems that Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has a love affair with the law. The 23-year-old reality star was arrested earlier this week for driving without a license, according to TMZ. While this is far from her first offense, it is the latest is a string of events that has since highlighted the reality star’s very public downfall.

Evans was busted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and then booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center around 3 p.m. She was held on a $237.50 bond, which was paid. Evans was released after spending two hours in the county jail.

While police reports gave little information about the incident, Evans decided to come to her own defense the following day.

Evans is no stranger to police, as her previous 12 arrests indicate. Jenelle Evans was busted back in 2013 for having 12 bundles of heroin in her possession and assaulting her husband with furniture during an argument, which also landed husband Courtland Rogers with an assault charge. Despite being found with the narcotics, both plead innocent.

Other charges in her past include multiple assault charges, failure to appear in relation to her heroin possession charges, stalking, and an assault on another girl in public. While this latest arrest is minor in comparison, it is sure to hinder her chances of getting her son back.

Evans is due back in court soon, and although she has gotten her life on track a bit by going to college and taking care of her other 8 month-old son, Kai, her mother is apparently unconvinced that Evans is ready for motherhood.

It has been reported that Evans mother, who now has sole custody of Jace, is no longer facilitating the relationship between mother and son. When Jenelle asked to take Jace to the movies, her mother allegedly refused.

“Jenelle asked her mom if she could simply take Jace to the movies, but Barbara said no, that they had plans. Jenelle told her mom, ‘It’s not to sleep over — it’s just to go see a movie.’ She insisted they had plans and said it was too bad. Barbara then said they could make visitation whenever they go to court.”

One might question the parenting choices of Evans, but considering that Evans herself is a byproduct of her own mother’s parenting choices, the judge may well order the grandmother to allow Jenelle parenting time as she continues to get her life together.

Jenelle Evans rose to fame on the hit MTV reality shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom and has since had a long string of run-ins with the law. While the shows follow her life as a single mother, the media has since been following her very public downfall. As evidenced by her very public profile, Evans seems incapable of living up to the responsibilities of motherhood. One can only hope that her exploits serve as a reminder for teenage mothers on what not to do.